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USB to DS101 Adapters ●USB/DS-101 Keyfill Cable (RS-232/RS-485)
●USB/DS-101 Keyfill Cable with Wakeup (RS-485)
●USB/DS-101 Adapter Keyfill Cable (RS-232)
USB to DS102 Adapter
●USB to DS-102 (KYK-13) Keyfill Cable
Custom Adapters
●Ethernet to 6-Pin Audio Bridge
●Single Point Fill Device

●Basic DS-101 Protocol Stack
●High-Assurance Randomizer
●High-Assurance Security Management Cryptographic (WATARI, AES KW)
●High-Assurance Basic AES (CTR, CFB, OFB)
●High-Assurance Data at Rest Cryptographic
●Medium-Assurance Data at Rest (AES XTS)
●Medium-Assurance AES (GCM)
●Medium-Assurance Basic Simon

Software Applications
●Keyfill Device Emulator Software Application
●DS-101 Protocol Software Library

  ASIC and FPGA IP Core Solutions
Medium-Assurance Data at Rest (AES XTS)

DS-101 Mode   Cryptographic core for securing media such as hard drives. DMEA Trusted foundry level 1A version available. U.S. export restrictions apply.

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SKU#: 0A162140

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